Thursday, March 05, 2009

Christ Child's Lullaby/Tàladh Chriosd

Music is from the Kist O Dreams cd. Lullabies from Scottish tradition sung by Christina Stewart. Visit to download Scottish lullabies for FREE.

The title of this lullaby is Tàladh Chriosd and is also known as Christ Child's Lullaby. It is one of a very few Scottish Gaelic Christmas songs.


Mo ghaol, mo ghràdh, is m’fheudail thu
M’ ionntas ùr is m‘ èibhneas thu
Mo mhacan àlainn ceutach thu
Chan fhiù mi fhèin bhith ‘d dhàil

Aleluia, aleluia, aleluia, aleluia

My love, my dear, my darling boy
My holy treasure and my joy
My radiant sun, my Lord of Lords
Let me be worthy now

Aleluia, aleluia, aleluia, aleluia

Asses sleep and oxen sigh
Safe within my arms you lie
Blessed am I to hold you near
And feel your beating heart

Aleluia, aleluia, aleluia, aleluia

(When singing this song I would probably say replace 'asses' with 'donkeys.')

Click here to listen to a different rendition

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Christina Stewart said...

Thanks for the lovely slideshow! I should point out that the Gaelic original was written by Father Ranald Rankin in 1855 as a gift to his congragation, though the melody is said to be traditional. The English words I sing in this version were written by Bob Pegg and reflect the sense of the Gaelic lyrics, rather than being a literal translation!