Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Lakota Lullaby

This song is sung by Dee Ann Paul for her youtube channel.

The lyrics to this song are:
In Lakota:
cante' waste' hoksila ake istimba, hanhepi kin waste'

In English:
Good hearted boy go back to sleep, the night is good.


Anonymous said...

I like listening to Lakota Lullaby while i jack off to robot porn!

Anonymous said...

your an idiot.

Anonymous said...

Thank you... This reminds me of my grandmother singing us to sleep :) Beautiful job!!

Anonymous said...

shes good just i wanted the lyrics i alredy saw her on the computer and i wanted something different

Anonymous said...

this is a good song its one of the first songs i ever learned

Ash (runs with wolves) said...

Your a jerk dude what is wrong with you who says they jerk off to porn and listen to a lullaby get a life! this is a beautiful song